Black Lives Matter

Fruita City Council to meet with local Black Lives Matter activists

FRUITA, CO – During this evening’s regular Fruita City Council meeting, which has held via Zoom webinar in accordance with public health guidelines regarding social distancing, Council members discussed meeting with Right & Wrong and Black Citizens and Friends in the near future.

Early in the meeting, Council member Kyle Harvey read “A Proclamation of Solidarity and a Commitment to Addressing Racism in Our Community”, which was appended to the official agenda on the Fruita City website. (See below for full text.)

Later in the meeting, Council members discussed a date, time, and appropriate venue for having members of RAW and Black Citizens and Friends join the Council for a discussion on addressing racism in the community. Council member Harvey confirmed that he would discuss date and venue options with the groups.

Also attending the meeting remotely from Denver was State Representative Matt Soper, who gave a summary of recent legislation in the Colorado General Assembly. He said that he was one of 13 representatives who voted against SB20-217, aka “Enhance Law Enforcement Integrity“. He said that while George Floyd’s death was tragic, he believes that the bill — which recently was signed into law by Gov. Jared Polis — goes too far in what it requires of police officers. As an example, he said that if a police officer’s body camera were to malfunction, it would be considered a “crime” for which the officer would be responsible. He went on to say that he believes that while Denver “clearly” has problems with community relations with the Black community, he does not believe that such problems exist to that extent in communities like Fruita and that the misconduct of “bad actors” should not result in sweeping legislation.

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