Grand Junction’s “Diversity Task Force” Begins to Find its Footing

At a meeting held on Thursday, July 23rd, members of Grand Junction’s Diversity Task Force met to further stabilize the group’s foundation. Proposals that would help give the group structure were brought forward by subcommittees and voted on, and the group also worked to cement its mission and vision statements.

Numerous groups representing the diversity of Grand Junction’s community were on hand, including LGBTQIA+, Black, White, Latinx, veterans, youth, elderly, as well as leaders in D51, council members, and police.

Task force met at the Lincoln Park barnhouse, and Anna Stout led the meeting and guided everyone through bylaws and structure proposals, which included ideas on how they would vote and other procedural items. Then it came time to decide on mission and vision statements.Word choice and certain ideas brought up throughout the statements were repeatedly questioned, revised, and voted on due to some disagreements.Those disagreements were calmly worked through and included differing opinions on word choice, and which ideas they should and shouldn’t include. The statements were meant to not offend anyone, but also aimed to encapsulate the goals of the full range of minority communities in our town. Because of that, they may seem a bit broad for now, but they leave space for the group to grow and develop. Although they all come from different backgrounds, the task force members were careful to reach a compromise everyone could agree with, despite the ranges of beliefs inside the group.

Here are the statements the group decided on:


“Finding just and equitable solutions for all by shining a light on implicit, explicit, and systemic bias.”


“We envision an informed, open, and collaborative community with diverse representation within, and meaningful access to, our institutions and systems, through education, policies, and resources that continually advance equality and allow for an equitable life experience in the Grand Valley.”

The group meetings rotate around the county (Palisade, Fruita, Grand Junction, and Orchard Mesa), and occur weekly. No immediate action is being planned or taken at the moment by this group as they work towards securing their beliefs and values so that they have a stable foundation.