Animal Rescue and Welfare

Pets of the Week: Habanero, Rango, and Banshee


He is an approximately 8 year old, neutered male, possibly a pyrenees mix. From his foster: “Rango is very chill. When he’s at home he is mellow. He is not anxious when I leave or overly excited when I come home. On walks he doesn’t pull. Instead he walks slowly and loves to sniff everything. He is generally good with other dogs, but seems to get impatient with the super hyper ones. Cats, not so good. He is reactive and tries to chase them. He will stop when I verbally reprimand him. He loves people, getting pet, and tolerates/ likes hugs and kisses and cuddles. I haven’t seen him around kids, but I assume because of his calm demeanor and ease with being hugged and pet all over that he would be gentle with them and love their attention.”


She is a domestic shorthair, approximately 4 months old, female. She is one of our tween cats – not quite an adult, but not quite a kitten. She has a “spicy” personality, hence her name. She is very sweet once she warms up to you, but can be shy until she is comfortable with you. 


He is approximately 11 month old, neutered male, domestic shorthair.

His bio: Do you love to play!? I definitely do. In fact, after food, it’s one of the best ways to get me to notice you. While I really love to play, I do like to have a calm environment to relax in once I have worn myself out. When I’m not resting or playing, you can often find me out exploring. I’m a curious cat who likes to know the ins and outs of my habitat. You may notice that I tear up from time to time, but I promise it’s nothing you have done. My tears are just a minor inconvenience. Due to this, it may be best that I go to a home with no other cats. But I promise that I can love big enough to be the only cat you need! If you’re looking for a sweet, playful cat that will add love to your home, pick me!