Fruita kindergartner organizes donation drive, thanks to Minecraft

FRUITA, CO – Fruita City Council member and Lithic Bookstore graphic designer Kyle Harvey didn’t expect an idle conversation with his daughter to lead to a humanitarian mission, but that’s exactly what happened while they were playing Minecraft, a massively popular video game.

During the game, Lila Harvey happened to notice that some of the villagers in the virtual world “didn’t have much stuff in their chest.”

“So I gave them some of mine,” she said in a recent conversation that her father shared in a Facebook Messenger interview.

“One of Lila’s favorite things is playing Minecraft,” Harvey said. “Sometimes she’ll ask me to play with her. This is how we started our conversation about helping other people who are in need, which led to some of her questions about homelessness/houselessness/poverty.”

The conversation led to a “meeting” the next day, where Harvey and Lila brainstormed ideas on what they could collect, and to whom Lila wanted to make these donations.

Eventually, Lila came up with a list of critical items that she and her father agreed would help a lot of people suffering from financial crises and houselessness.

“Sometimes people need those things, but they might not have enough money to buy them,” Lila said.

Lila isn’t quite old enough to understand yet why people might be houseless, or why poverty exists, but she has the empathy to understand hardship when someone doesn’t have access to something basic, something we all take for granted, like a pillow to put one’s head on to rest or shoes to make walking on the street more comfortable and safe.

She also wants to make sure that children’s needs aren’t forgotten either. When Harvey asked her what other needs she thinks other people might have, she said, “Maybe give them some books to read or some games.”

If you’d like to donate supplies for Lila’s mission, email Kyle Harvey at fruitapulp at gmail dot com.