The Minority Report: Beatriz Soto, Garfield County Commissioners candidate

FRUITA, CO — Running for office probably wasn’t top of mind for Latina activist, environmental advocate, mom, wife, and immigrant Beatriz Soto at the beginning of 2020, but hey, who else had other plans that didn’t quite come to fruition this year?

Soto, who has spent much of her life working on behalf of communities of color and especially the Latino community, stepped up to run on the Democratic ticket to unseat six-term Republican incumbent John Martin for the Garfield County Commissioners board, to represent District 2, just last Friday. That’s when the previous candidate, Katrina Byars — who had won the primary — stepped down and endorsed Soto as her replacement. So it’s been a busy week for Soto.

She’s my latest guest on the Minority Report, so have a listen by clicking on the player button below. If you want to learn more about her, visit her campaign site at, or find her on social media.