‘Black Lives Matter’ banner vandalized at downtown GJ church

On Sunday afternoon a white male vandalized the Black Lives Matter banner hanging from the front of the building at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Grand Valley at 536 Ouray Avenue. The church had just finished their morning worship service, which featured a guest sermon by an anti-racist activist.

In surveillance video, a white male can be seen recording himself on a cell phone while he approaches the building and tears the banner down. The large banner had been hanging on the building for four years, since long before the recent social uprisings following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. 

“I find this crime ironic, considering recent local racial justice efforts have been 100% peaceful and collaborative,” stated UUCGV Trustee Melissa Humphrey. Dozens of non-violent marches, protests, teach-ins and demonstrations have taken place in Grand Junction this summer, in the name of racial justice. Humphrey added, “I expect GJ’s citizens and leaders to publicly and explicitly denounce this act of vandalism.”

An information box stands in front of where the banner usually hangs, offering passersby a flyer explaining the church’s position on race. The banner was repaired and rehung within 24 hours of the vandalism. UUCGV minister Wendy Jones explained, “We will keep putting it back up as long as we need to.”

If you have information about this crime, please contact the Grand Junction Police Department at (970) 242-6707.


An information box stands in front of where the banner usually hangs. Photo by Laurel Carpenter.