This is only the beginning.

Launched on June 4, 2020, the Grand Valley Free Press is a digital native newspaper whose mission is to share stories from the Western Slope of Colorado that would otherwise be overlooked or invisible. We want to shine a light on the marginalized, disenfranchised, disempowered, and historically oppressed in our community. And there are plenty of us.

We welcome stories, photos, videos, and essays, but won’t promise we’ll print anything and everything. We also can’t pay right now, so if you need to make a living, we totally respect that and appreciate your reading us anyway! Every writer deserves to be paid, and “exposure” has been known to kill people.

But having said that, if you still want to send something, we’ll pay you back with love and as much exposure as our tiny social media presence will allow. Plus our neverending gratitude.

About the Editor

I’m Marjorie R. Asturias, and I’m a writer, runner, and dog mom. I grew up in Dallas and in Manila, Philippines, and also lived here in the Valley from 2006-2009. If you were around then, you probably remember the wonderful Grand Junction Free Press, an independent daily (Monday-Friday) newspaper for which I wrote a weekly column. I named this new online paper in honor of that paper and the best editor I ever worked with, Josh Nichols.

By “day” I work in product marketing and partnerships for a global software company, and thanks to the power of ☕️ I also volunteer, write, and serve this paper.

To be a good citizen is to be an activist. To report is to speak up. To have your eyes open is to witness democracy in action, and its failures in abundance.

Troy Patterson, Staff Writer, The New Yorker.

Carlee Cecilia


My name is Carlee Allen and I’m a writer, musician, and a highschool student. I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, but I’ve spent most of my life here in the Grand Valley. I’m the section leader of my school’s drumline and spend a lot of my free time making music. Activism is one of my biggest passions and I help in organizing events for the local activist group RAW (Right and Wrong) and I am a Youth Voting Intern with Western Colorado Alliance.