Letters to the Editor

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To the Editor:

Trump along with with the new Postmaster, Louis DeJoy, whom Trump appointed, without an announcement or vote of the people or the House or Senate, much less letting the people know of this appointment, that deeply effects all Americans, is an action which is another one of President Trump’s authoritarian handling of our democracy.

We, the people of our democratic, free country, cannot let this country become an autocratic country as President Trump and his associates’ actions are so clearly leading us towards.

The action that Louis DeJoy, the newly appointed the postmaster, has ordered, of pulling many of the sorting machines out of many post offices in this nation, is an action that has no basis in need. They are being removed, for no reason, except to delay the postal services’ abilities to sort and deliver the people’s mail. This will definitely affect the mails’ timely delivery for medications and many needed papers and legal documents that are the a part of the bedrock of our society, country, and also negatively effect the mail-in voting for the upcoming presidential election in November.

The presidential election that is approaching in November, with the US still suffering from the COVID virus, so that for the people going to voting stations creates a health risk, or is a complete impossibility, as was demonstrated in the primary votes in many places. So, mail-in voting has become the most efficient way for many to cast their votes safely, with confidence. But, if the post office is not able to to deliver and return the votes in a needed time frame, that defeats the right to vote! This is a direct attack on our Democracy.

If I were 20 years younger, I would be out protesting this dictatorship that has tarnished our democracy.

We still are the People, and we must do all we can to protect our country from an inside invasion of a dictator. We can still act as real entities, people in this union.

Piera Kllanxhja
August 22, 2020